Building Beautiful Fences

As the world becomes more populated, the need for personal privacy has increased. For those who can see into the neighbor’s yard, it might feel as if they do not have enough privacy. They might be hesitant to put in a fence because it seems unfriendly, but building beautiful fences with greenery can be the answer to their issues. They will be able to gain privacy, but they will also be able to face the neighbors because they have not shut them out completely. It is a good compromise that will bring value to their home, and it might even be a project the neighbors are willing to do with them.

Fences are used for many purposes, and creating a solid border is part of their function. When people choose to use living plants for fencing, there are a few considerations. Plants have a growth cycle, and they often need to be trimmed. Planning this type of project might be a good time to call on the neighbor who will be affected to see if they are receptive to the idea. If they have objections, it might be best to choose a different option.

Watering and fertilization are also needed when growing plants, so considering an irrigation system could be another option when planting. For those who prefer to save the cost, a long hose can be purchased. Fertilization is often done only once a year, so it should be added to the calendar to ensure it is done on time.

While being a good neighbor can be a tricky proposition, many neighbors are open to the idea of some type of boundary between properties. Many of them are concerned a fence will detract from their property, but others are open to looking at many different possibilities. Creating a fence with living plants might be the perfect way to create boundaries and good relationships with neighbors.